9 Aug 2019

Red Nose Day 2019

Rocking a Red Nose never looked so good! Centres across Australia are putting on their dancing shoes and popping on their Red Noses today (Friday August 9) all in the name of Red Nose Day 2019.

Last year the charity’s supporters helped raise nearly $1 million for Red Nose Day with Lifelong Learning Centres and the Affinity Education Group contributing over $2,000 to the cause. The funds raised help to provide safe sleeping education, research and bereavement support services for families impacted by the death of a child.

This year, Red Nose Day is celebrating its 31st year and we couldn’t be more excited to get in on the action again. Many of our centres are getting involved by hosting a Little Rockers Red Nose Disco

"We can’t wait for our Red Nose Day Disco, it’s the first time I have organised one for my Centre and it’s such an exciting time for the children and a great cause to get behind,” says Centre Director at Maple Street Early Learning, Amie Jahn.

The 5th annual Little Rockers Red Nose Disco is presented by iHeart Radio and invites all childcare centres and playgroups across the country to sign up for a day of disco-dancing and fun-filled activities. 

Little Rockers Red Nose Disco at Pitt Town Early Learning 2018

Initiatives and activities like these are so important to our teams at Lifelong Learning Centres as a real-world example of our Healthy Communities Program. With this program our centres focus on building community belonging, contribution and longevity. 

Educators in our centres believe it is important to introduce community concepts to children at an early age, to develop an understanding of a team environment, giving back to the community, creating a sense of belonging for all and contributing to the longevity of the local community.

However, learning isn’t just confined to our childcare centres. We are strong believers in the need for families to be engaged in our programs and educated on practices followed in our centres. 

That’s why, alongside the fun and excitement, many of our centres will be displaying educational resources directly from the Red Nose Day Resources Hub. These fact sheets will enable educators to have discussions with families about safe sleep practices, tummy time and how to make a safe transition from the cot to a ‘big boy/girl’ bed.

Lifelong Learning website conclusion: To learn more about your local centre and how it supports the community call 1800 CHILDCARE.

10 Sep 2020

R U OK? Day

Learning how to support peers and talk about feelings is an important life lesson – so start the conversation with your littlest friends this R U OK? Day.
2 Sep 2020

Lifelong Learning Community Celebrates Early Childhood Educators Day

Our Lifelong Learning Community is excited to celebrate our Educators this Early Childhood Educators Day. We are so proud to acknowledge and show our appreciation for the ones who make a difference in developing lifelong learners. 
10 Aug 2020

Celebrating the science in everyday

Science is around us everywhere, everyday – but for one week especially, National Science Week, we are exploring all the special science moments that happen around us and learning more.